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‘The Ego and The Soul’ – Audio Book ‘Om Transmission’

REMINDING YOUR EGO HOW TO BE LOVE _________ Ego is essentially a function of our 'minds'.  And so it 'thinks' incredibly well, is a master of logic, and orients us impeccably (at best) in territories of our experience that are familiar and well-worn. And yet . . . how can ego 'keep up' in the presence of rapidly accelerating, unpredictable global change? The Ego and The Soul - Living and Leading From The Inside Out - A Map for Continue Reading


This page is currently under construction :-) Enjoy this sampling of Articles from Ariole's 'archives' . . . For more, enjoy the expanded collection available in her 2009 Blog . . . ~ ~ ~ "H.O.P.E. = Healing Ourselves and Planet Earth" - A Blueprint for Personal and Collective Change There's a kingpin in every machine, a tiny place no bigger than the size of your hand - even in a machine the size of a warehouse. In this tiny place, if Continue Reading

Ariole’s Story

"the author thinks i am its feather" You and I are cut of the same cloth, born of the same eternal life.  The ‘details’ of our stories may appear to be different – yet at our core, we are all heading Home. I was born on the west coast of Canada on November 26, 1961. When I was six months, we moved to the prairies, where my father entered his residency in psychiatry. As his professional awareness developed, he and my mother became instrumental Continue Reading

Soul Mates – How to Attract Your Perfect Match

Answer the Call ... Your Soul Mate Awaits You! Soul Mates - How to Attract Your Perfect Match 4-Session Course Everyone longs for love – true love. And yet so many people find themselves in relationships that spiral them downward – rather than up. Does this include you? The predominant relationship model in our civilization for centuries has been one of power struggle – love sometimes, resentment and regret building to where intimacy Continue Reading

Artist Bio

 The Birth of A Dancer Ariole began dancing at the age of seven, swiftly discovering the mentorship of Carolyn Tetrault and the Nenad Lohtka School of Dance.  By elementary school she was independently taking an hour bus ride each way, several times weekly to train with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.  Each year her passion and commitment grew.  Upon honours graduation from high school, she began full-time training and graduated from the Royal Continue Reading

Dance – Allure

 Witness a Miracle Experience a Transformation Ariole will be celebrating her 'third miracle' in dance with her 25th Anniversary of solo touring this summer at the Edmonton Fringe Festival.  She will perform a NEW and magnetizing production of "there's a camel on my back" - a performance that has received "must see", "not to be missed", "hot show" rave reviews and sold-out houses ... Stay tuned for details!  The Birth of A Dancer Ariole Continue Reading

30 Day Meditation Oasis

From acclaimed visionary of "A New Model of Exemplary Global Leadership" Ariole K. Alei 30 Day Meditation Oasis :-) The 30 Day Meditation Oasis is a virtual course based on Ariole K. Alei's 40+ year dedication and passion for meditation and personal transformation. This course, which you can do on your own time, will help you create beautiful, intuitive changes by adding up simple shifts every day and every week. Through each simple shift, Continue Reading

Testimonials – Ignite

Enjoy these Testimonials of Ariole's sharing of clarity, insight, and passion.  Scroll down to read from ... Book Endorsements Hot Off The Press! Clients, Students, and Retreat Participants Testimonials Performance Reviews (more on her upcoming dance performances soon!) Blog Comments More from Previous Sources . . . Past and Present Clients There are many more :-) Book Endorsements ... The Ego and The Soul - Living and Continue Reading

108 Day Meditation Infusion

This course is due to launch in co-presentation with the BodyMind Institute Fall of 2014! In the interim, please enjoy the 30 Day Meditation Oasis :-)   From acclaimed visionary of "A New Model of Exemplary Global Leadership" Ariole K. Alei The Miracle of Meditation :-) 108 Days of Life Changing Tools for more flow, less stress, and realizing your true purpose. The 108 Day Meditation Infusion is a virtual course based on Continue Reading

The Power of Intuition

Discover THE Most Profound Energy-Saving Device IN THE WORLD The Power of Intuition - Tapping In to Flow, Efficiency and Ease 7-Session Online Course The most precious energy is yours. It’s not actually money, or time, or electricity, or ‘things’ – it is your ENERGY. Growing up in a ‘head heavy’ culture bears a high price.  We learn to value the intellect over the wisdom of the body, heart and spirit – the very wisdom that keeps us Continue Reading