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“BUZZ” - What Critics Say

“there’s a camel on my back III” (2004)

"Ariole Alei is extraordinarily graceful … so vibrant and energetic. She captures the audience's imagination while her movements tell stories. It's hard to avoid smiling … you can see the absolute joy on her face. It's amazing … I was most impressed." (Rayna Anderson, CBC Winnipeg)

"Any dancer in her 40s who creates a solo show deserves a bouquet of praise for putting herself out there. Vancouver's Ariole Alei, a former member of Anna Wyman Dance Theatre and Judith Marcuse Dance Company, took a 14-year "temporary retirement" before emerging with this contemporary collection last year. She clearly has an artist's soul and burns with the need to communicate, despite working in a discipline that typically pushes its older artists off the stage. … When Alei plays to her strengths, which are maturity and sensitivity, she deserves attention." (Alison Mayes, Winnipeg Free Press)

“ASCEND” (2004)

“Alei is brilliant ... a master of modern technique." (Gail Johnson, The Georgia Straight)

“Spring Into Dance” – Guest Artist (2004)

"Guest performer Ariole K. Alei took on a challenging piece in The Passage … Wehner is lithe, willowy and a joy to watch." (Jan Degrass, Coast Reporter)

“there’s a camel on my back II” (2003)

"This is such a brilliant display of powerful emotion that it’s difficult to believe this is Ariole Alei’s first live performance in 14 years. Exuding stunning movement, the series of five solo dance pieces takes art to the next communicative level and the imagination into new territories: a visual splendour illustrating stories of sheer torment, heart-wrenching sentiment, liberating freedom and pure child-like innocence. Without a single word uttered, each motion is flawlessly sculpted in the air, provoking an array of emotional stories. This is not only beautifully choreographed contemporary dancing, but in essence true archaic theatre with animated Shakespearean-like facial expressions. The stage setting is bare, and the costumes are kept simple as no visual enhancement is needed. The engaging performance merited a standing ovation on its opening night and is easily one of the most alluring pieces of the year.” (Alyssa Coulson, *****Monday Magazine & WestEnder)

“Five solo dance pieces by a gifted veteran of professional ballet are a treat for Fringe goers looking for something other than dreary monologues. Vancouver’s Ariole Alei adds the element of theatricality (as in “face (Romp?)” and “The Times After”), making a connection with her audience. It’s enjoyable to watch what can be done with a raised eyebrow, an out-thrust arm or a tilted head. it’s [like] tai chi done in a weightless environment.” (David Lennam, Victoria Regional News)

“there’s a camel on my back III” (2003)

“There’s pleasure to be had in absorbing the ethereal textures she creates.” (Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight)

“there’s a camel on my back I” (1989)

“Ariole Alei dances like she really means it. No going through the motions for this girl. After successfully recovering from a career-threatening accident, Alei has really come to appreciate the opportunity to perform”. (Karen Crossley, The Winnipeg Sun)

“Her long road to recovery is one of the topics Alei addresses in her one-woman [performance], “there’s a camel on my back”. Happily, her dancing bears no evidence of the injuries. In Back from the Edge for instance, her interconnected pivots are light, flowing; as joyful as Alei ’s own return to the stage must be.” (Michael Scott, The Vancouver Sun)

“Twelve months and 23 days ago, Ariole Alei ’s doctors thought she would never dance again. Yet today Wehner will perform five solo dances at Open Space Gallery as part of the fringe festival. And the 27-year-old Vancouver dancer will repeat the feat all week. What gives?” (Adrian Chamberlain, Victoria Times-Colonist)

“Speaking of the Fringe Festival and comebacks, former Selkirk resident Ariole Alei, 27, will be doing her solo dance routine as part of the festival, but a year ago there was some doubt that she would ever be able to perform again. But she’s back at it and you can catch her act all next week at venue No. 1, The Caldron ... She opens Saturday at 7:30pm ” (Gordon Sinclair, Jr., The Winnipeg Sun)

“Another up-and-comer is dancer Ariole Alei. Her appearances at the Fringe Festival in her new one-woman show will be her first since she broke her knee in a cycling accident . Formerly a member of two of the city’s leading modernist troupes, the Anna Wyman Dance Theatre and the Judith Marcuse Dance Company, Alei has struck out on her own.” “So here is Honest Max’s look at some of the likely runners, calculated on the basis of training, previous form, publicity releases and, most of all, hunches. There’s A Camel on My Back. Debut one-woman show by Vancouver dancer Ariole K. Alei.” (Max Wyman, The Vancouver Province)

Anna Wyman Dance Theatre (1983-86)

“And the Wyman company showed three works form its repertoire – the most recent of which, a floating solo for the gifted Ariole Alei and six white umbrellas, is the most convincing artistic reason for its ongoing existence this company has shown us in years.” (Max Wyman, The Vancouver Sun)

“A new solo piece from Anna Wyman should be its own draw: it’s an excerpt from City Piece, and this portion is a solo danced by the special arms and legs of Ariole Alei, a senior company member.” (André Paradis, The Georgia Straight)

“BUZZ” - What Audiences Say

“A rising star … Catch her while you can!”

“Enchanting! The best thing on the programme.”

“Superbly beautiful! I feel honoured to have been in her audience!”

“Guts! A woman unafraid of her own power, strength, and seemingly endless courage.”

“It was absolutely fabulous. So many things I liked about it.”

“Are you ever agile! I wish I could do that!”

“I’ve never experienced such heart-warming honesty in a performer before. I feel like she gave her performance to me personally!”

“Her coolness and determination are a testament to her incredible professionalism.”

“So prolific for a young choreographer. She reminds me of Margie Gillis!”

“What a fabulous dancer! How does she move like that?!”

“Impeccable technique, integrity, artistry … It’s all there!”

“This girl’s hot!”

“I feel like she gave me a gift … Something to think about, something to feel. … Wow!”

“One of the most generous theatrical evenings I’ve seen in a long time. No question. Sharon Wehner is a rare treat!”

“I can’t get over how un-self-conscious she is, how unafraid, how determined to say it as it is. I feel so inspired!”


“A hot ticket!”

“ … Ask me later. … I’m still in shock!”

"I HAVE WANTED TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU FOR EVER! Seeing you perform was deeply inspiring. You are amazing."

"I really enjoyed your performance. Boy, are you ever agile! I wish I could do that!"

"Congratulations. I was super impressed. You're looking fabulous out there. So strong."

"My friend and I were at your show last night. Brava! It was wonderful. What beautiful imagery and fluidity and grace you expressed. It was truly inspiring. I can still see in my mind's eye some of your movements. Thank you Sharon."

"It was so amazing Sharon. Oh, Man!"

"I absolutely loved it. It was fabulous. So many things I liked about it. It's wonderful to see your work. Fabulous. Congratulations, and thank you."

"Your performance was wonderful … the fact that [my daughter] was moved … is real evidence that you touched her powerfully! We were most especially touched by 'Dragon Fly" (ooh, the intense struggle to get out!! and the beauty of achieving it!!!) I think we both cried! Good work! Yay! What an experience … being you expressing all that."

"Thank you for a wonderful evening!"

"Your performances were wonderful, both in terms of performance and choreography. A real balance to the overall impression of the show. A good flow, with variety and shifting dynamics. A brave thing to do, after all these years away, and now you're beginning again … You have the inner determination, the strength and spiritual balance, to make it happen. And … the technical aspects worked really, really well. What a team! And onwards … "

"Just a wee note to tell you how much [we] enjoyed your solo dance performance at the Fringe. We … were both quite enchanted with your work. I especially love Ziyarah … incredibly expressive!"

"Superbly beautiful! Lots of fluid, liquid, golden motion. Sharon has great sensitivity to her various subjects. Her costumes are creative and softly sensuous. And I feel honoured to have been in her first audience in fourteen years! Well done, Sharon!"

"I enjoyed your solo Dance Performance so much. I was captured by your Dance Communication of Thoughts and Expressions. Thankyou for your creative energy and most unique entertainment experience in 4D, to be sure!!!"

"Thank you for the show. I was privileged to see it."

"I really enjoyed your show. I found the costumes were creative. Your movement and expressions covered a wide range of emotions from anger and pain to joy and exuberance. Your use of props was unique and unexpected."

"Fantastic! You did a great, great job. A couple of the new [dances] were just magical. I love the one "above the clouds"; it's very cool. I think the one about sexual harassment/sexual abuse is incredibly powerful. I love that one. Fantastic job. I hope people will come in from the outdoors and get to see a great show. Great job. You did a really good job. The Q&A [after the performance] really showed your personality. It was great."

"Thanks so much. We all enjoyed your solo dance. We were lucky to be there and watching a performance which we never had a chance to see before. It was also our pleasure meeting you. Looking forward to see you again."

"Get this: (this is amazing to me) --- I actually saw your performance of (camel on my back) on tv years ago. And here I've now met you! Who'd a thunk?"

"The ['Dancing Into Ecstasy - Dancing From Within'] workshop was fabulous. I really enjoyed it."

"Thanks for the workshop. It was wonderful to move under your guidance, again."

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