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U R Light Blog

Read 'in the now' musings by Ariole K. Alei.  Tune up, tune in, and be inspired!


January 2008
"The Abundance Tap - Learning How to Control Its Flow"

February 2008
"The '4 Steps to Plenty' Are YOURS NOW!"

April 2008
"H.O.P.E. = Healing Ourselves and Planet Earth - A Blueprint for Personal and Collective Change"


May 2008
"Unlocking The Secret To Happiness And Success"

June 2008
"Your Best Body Ever - Standing Tall in your Beauty, Confidence and Strength"

July 2008
"BE In The NOW - It's Absolutely The Best Place To Be"

August 2008
"Humanity's 'Archaeological Dig' - Finding - And Living - Our Own TRUE POWER"

September 2008
"A Time To Decide"

October 2008

"Your True Power"

November 2008

"A New Voice Speaks"

January 2009

"The Everlasting Secret"

February 2009

"Song Of Hope" and "The Day

The Music Died"

June 2009

"H.O.P.E. = Healing Ourselves and Planet Earth"

November 2009

"Living In The Light"