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Coaching derives from sports and arts.  Any great athlete or performer will tell you that they have at least one Coach - someone with talent, experience, and passion who is dedicated to THEIR success!

Imagine this ...  Having your own Coach.  Someone who believes in you.  Guides you through challenging times.  Assists you to find solutions inside your self.  Encourages you to celebrate your 'wins', and creatively co-designs solutions to your rough spots.

Any area can benefit from Coaching - relationships, health, finances, career, life balance, leadership mentoring ...

I am a highly holistic Coach, in that I am able to attune to virtually any area that is of concern or interest to my Clients.  I am highly intuitive - and I teach you how to be, too.

I focus in two primary areas ...

  1. Executive Life and Leadership Coaching - for creative professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs, specifically those who are interested in and invested in sustainability and/or social responsibility
  2. People interested in growing, giving up suffering, and living their full potential

If this describes you, you may be eligible for a Complementary Coaching Session in which we will ascertain our 'fit'  I work with a hand-selected clientele (something I encourage my Clients to do, too), as I believe that every moment is rich, and my energy is precious.  I invest it where I can be of greatest service.

See some of my many Testimonials from exuberant Clients - below.

Contact me for scheduling.  Sessions are all via Telephone or Skype, as I work with an international clientele and am committed to being 'green'.

Session Fees range from $120 - 150+ per Session.  Discounts are availalbe for multiple Sessions.



Don't believe this is possible?  Try it and find out!

In most Sessions, a huge 'Aha' is gained - if not more than one.  It's like moving mountains - with delicacy, grace, and ease.

Why struggle?

Try this and discover ... You can live with so much more clarity, peace, relaxation, joy, and vitality than you do now.

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We offer a Full Guarantee.  Ask us for details.


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With Colin Hillstrom
What Do You Need And Want In 2010?
  • Find deeper meaning, real purpose & true success
  • Improve relationships and / or love life
  • Slow the aging process
  • Increase strength, stamina, and immunity
  • Reduce fat and combat cardiovascular disease
  • Enhance memory & restore youthful glow


Complimentary 30-Minute Coaching Session

With Colin Hillstrom, BA (ec), CSFC, CNC, CI

Nutrution, Life, Health & Relationship Coach, Author

Over 4,500 clients served since 1990

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Powerful, Gentle, Effective Healing

With Ariole K. Alei and / or Colin Hillstrom

What Is ReBa?

Recover your authentic personality and reach your true potential as you effortlessly dissolve your inner conflicts with Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) including homeopathics.  Developed by Dr. Reimar Banis, MD, ND from Germany, PSE addresses the key conflicts that are trapped in the subtle energy field (aura) and that trigger unwanted unconscious emotions, such as "I am inferior to others" or "Nothing is ever good enough".

For optimum results, five to ten ReBa Sessions may be required during a period of up to 18 months.  Experience these benefits ...

  • Boost your vitality and stamina
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Relieve pain and common complaints: cold and tension headaches
  • Sharpen your memory and mind
  • Improve sexual function
  • Transcend addictions
  • Improve learning
  • Enhance sleep
  • Maintain overall health and happiness

For complementary support we recommend Coaching Sessions.

Note:  ReBa Healing Sessions can take place just as effectively 'remote' - without physically traveling to our office - saving you time and saving the environment ...   Ask us how!

Purchase Your ReBa Healing Session Now!

Thank You!  We look forward very much to serving your freedom, ease, and joy!


Hundreds of Client Testimonials

... Here Are A Few!

* "Profound!" - M.S.

* "I can't believe the huge shift that is taking place since I saw you. It feels tremendous - what a relief! Thanks!" - K.A.

* "Our Session today was brilliant. I so value and appreciate you. Thank you!" - S.G.

* "Thank you, Colin. As we were in Session a radio producer called from New York asking to do a show on me. This means thousands of people can check out my new CD." - J.B.

* "Thank-you so much Ariole for your amazing insights today in my Coaching session." - L.J.

* "In only 3 sessions with Veraxis Life Coach Ariole K. Alei, I accomplished more than through two years of therapy years ago. Ariole gets right to the core of the problem and gives you the tools to quickly work through it and get through to the other side. My sessions with her were life changing." - J.S.

* "Your wonderful non-judgmental guidance has helped me so much. So much of the change in my life is because of your insight and gentle ability to open that knowledge to my eyes. THANK YOU! Gratitude to you." - L.K.

* "I have had some amazing dreams that have helped me to understand my spiritual growth thanks to your teachings." - B.H.

* "I am feeling the benefits. I feel happier; mental clarity; have more energy; feel healthier in the body; and feel more optimistic." - A.S.

* "I cannot describe to you how much better I feel. And yes, I have been practicing, practicing, practicing! Thank you so much. I can breathe!" - T.L.

* "I felt so natural to sit with Ariole in my Healing session. Emotion, humour, you name it. I felt like I was floating when I came out. Hadn’t felt any emotion for 5 years – none whatsoever. Now it’s flowing through me. If you don’t grow you don’t live." – C.S.

* "I highly recommend working with Ariole K. Alei. Her encouragement of my growth on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes has been extremely generous and effective. Please, give these highly evolved methods towards self-realization a try!" - S.B.

* "Just wanted to email you quickly and let you know that [my wife's] treatments are really helping. Before you'd recommended the homeopathic remedy, doctors had scheduled her to meet with a specialist to get a proper diagnosis and discuss possible treatments (like a spinal tap). She went to see the specialist last week and, interestingly, after conducting a number of tests, the specialist said that she was doing much better than her previous medical records indicated. And so he concluded that there was no reason to prescribe any treatments. But he was quite perplexed, because people with this syndrome are not supposed to get better on their own. So thanks very much. This is much easier, and more effective, than a spinal tap!" - B.B.

* "Thank you so much for the Coaching session - it was very helpful indeed. [My son] and I are still talking about it! Thanks and best regards." - J.A.


For more information on our various Coaching and Healing Session options email us, Subject: Coaching / Healing or Call 403-675-0663.



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