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"H.O.P.E." Retreats

I am amazed that you are so calm and focused. You have an amazing gift of deep integrity with the 10,000 things (Buddhist term for all reality). - B.B.

WOW!!!!  What a marathon you have just run.  It was great to be in the room with you and witness so much.  Thank you for all the blessing you have brought into my world.  The first HOPE Retreat healed so many aspects of myself, that I feel there is room now to come into who I am meant to be, and with that seeing the larger picture.  So again thank you.  Much love and blessings! - P.M.

You are the “HOPE” the people of the earth inspire to become.  As the “HOPE” Retreats move at lightning speed the people of the earth are becoming one to Heal Ourselves and Planet Earth.  Truth and LIGHT! - M.R.

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping me to allow the light to shine through my human form. - A.C.

Metoni ninanaskomon (Much am I grateful for your friendship and love).  Kisewatisowin Kinakanimino kipeemikono (Love and Respect for All Life Our Spiritual Chief Will Bring to All Mankind). - J.N.

This is not an exaggeration. The HOPE Retreat changed my life. - E.Z.

Ariole, my heartfelt gratitude for your H.O.P.E. Retreat ... for all you have selflessly given so that others may become enlightened ... to learn, benefit and grow into their soul-full potential.  And a special thank-you to your husband Colin for making a difference with his positive presence and valued contribution.  With Love, Blessings and Continual Thanks - B.L.

Hello Ariole.  I have just finished reading “Bird’s Eye View”.  Wow, what a story! Remember I was talking about the movie “Zeitgeist” ... the one about the power elite’s strategy for world domination?  I’ve had a question in my mind since I first watched that movie a year ago: “Where is the alternative-to-Zeitgeist world vision and strategy?”  Well, your story is part of the answer to that question.  Your vision is so positive.  And my mind is runaway with possibilities.  I wonder – How do I fit in?  Thank you, thank you, thank you for "Bird's Eye View" - B.T.

The event that weaves all of humanity ...  H.O.P.E is the map to a profound treasure ...  A gentle explosion of compassion, wisdom and kindness ...  A journey that redecorated my soul ...  Every moment was precious - N.D.

A weekend of expansion, healing, joy and laughter, beauty, deepening self-awareness, deep connection with other Souls - and real HOPE for the healing of ourselves, our relationships, our earth and all of her inhabitants." - J.W.

I recommend Ariole’s H.O.P.E. Retreat to anyone called to enrich their own self-awareness. Ariole shares her clear enlightened vision of the needs of souls at a pivotal time in human history.  I was amazed at the depth of feeling and emotional clearing brought about by this three-day Retreat.  Ariole’s teachings awaken our hearts and minds to a place of knowing and ultimately, to our journey home to love. - D.K.

I found Ariole K. Alei's H.O.P.E. Retreat to be a most positive, empowering and benevolent experience.  In a setting of non-judgemental openness and encouragement, all participants were given an equal voice.  I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the necessity of healing past wounds in order to build a smooth and level platform in the present...that of a quiet, peaceful mind on which to gain the momentum to propel into a future of limitless joy and possibilities.  Also, I became witness to the fact that no person is an island unto her/himself.  What became crystal clear was the utmost importance of allowing and embracing others compassion, understanding and support...and in turn sharing mine with them.  Lastly, I was shown that the unifying key of all the above is effectively addressing ones ego to make it the ultimate ally in order to attain a higher, clearer and broader perspective...allowing unhindered access to my own inner wisdom, intuition and truth. - B.L.


Tele Classes

Ariole, It is such an honor for me to have been connected with you. You are such a great mentor and your role in this life gives me such peace that we (as a human race) will prevail. Be well and keep well. - M.K.

You are so precious!  I've recently heard from three people who are SO appreciating your gifts!  Your presentation is even better than Tolle's (with Oprah), I've been told.  Yes!  I don't doubt it!  FYI, one aspect that is so valuable is your clarity - your great explanations and examples that make these concepts live in real life. - J.R.

Ariole, that was one of the most effective and informative one hour tele-classes I've ever been on!  Thank you so much.  Thank You - L.S.J.

I really enjoyed the tele-intensive – I wanted to work more with you and that seemed a good opportunity.  I absolutely love the depth you take us to in the meditations – I feel so rested after them.  As well, as discussed on the tele-intensive, I “know” there are other forces working with me and I loved your explanation of the Universe working with us once we get to courage and above – I can really buy into that explanation. - E.K.

The recording of the Tele Class was truly heavenly - yum.  Again, I look forward to
this recording and home play. bIt is all just what I needed.  Much Love - T.T.

HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That was the most amazing class I've heard in awhile.  I'd like to HEARTily congratulate you on the depth and exquisite energy you created for us. - G.V.

The HOPE Teleseminar was valuable and illuminating.  THANK YOU!! - K.L.

Truly these exercises are a gift Ariole!  I know my email is long but i felt compelled, moved, excited, like I must e mail you and tell you about it.  I am so looking forward to class on Saturday!  I am so greatful to my sister for directing me to your book and class.  I feel I will never be the same.  And I can't wait for the person I will become!  With Clarity and Abundance begining to spill over me I say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!  Your Fellow Adventurer - N.S.

Please know you and your teachings are a part of many of my uplifting conversations!!!  Love and thanks to you Ariole!!! - T.L.

I am sure my positive outlook is do to you and your tele conference classes which I have learnt and loved beyond anyone's imagination. I go over the notes I took most days and practice the tools you have given us.  I want to thank you very much for letting me be part of your classes and spiritual teachings.  The best and love to you - J.J.

The past sixteen weeks has been one of the most uplifting, the most insightful times of my life.  Ariole's book the "Simplexity of Abundance" is full of wisdom and tools, however, this series brought so much more to me than I was able receive through the book alone.  It brought to me a much deeper, a much richer, a much more complete and tangible understanding of The Law of Attraction and it was all so wonderfully delivered to me upon the melodic and serene voice of Ariole.  I am truly Thankful that I chose to give this gift to myself. - M.J.

I love your classes.  Love and light - S.C.

Ariole is the ultimate inspiring teacher.  I found her teleconference series to be informative, logical and very thoughtfully prepared and presented. Her intuitiveness brings clarity and optimism to the individuals listening, while providind self-empowerment tools that really work.  Access to her books, or to her one -on-one coaching, or to related teleconferences, quarantees a continual growth process for her co-creative partners (students). - D.S.

Thanks for fantastic courses and course tools. - S.S.

I found so very much of value in your last session, particularly regarding 'passive and active intuition'.  Spiritual guidance is Our Creator's gift, freely given, and in waiting at all times; we simply need to be made aware of its benevolent potential, and then hone our skills to access it.
Ariole, I am eternally grateful to you for your teachings and compassion that have given me the courage to be continually stretching my comfort zone, and  the wisdom to be constantly listening in.
Lots of Love to You - B.L.

Thank you so much Ariole for the great practical tools and guide to applying the abundance energy principles.  The course has been a great help and I am now able to easily incorporate the practice to focus and shape my day and my life the way I want it to be.  I am looking forward to the next class. - S.C.

Thanks for the classes and the great AHAs - A.W.

You are truly an inspirational spiritual being. There are no words to express my gratitude and Love.  Truth and Light - M.R.

Thanks for a wonderful, interesting and informative class. I love it. - A.R.

What you are sharing is incredibly pertinent and helpful at this time.  Thanks for putting your energy into it!  With love - J.T.

I LOVED the Intuition tele class on Tuesday night. How cool to have your mom on the line:)  And how great to begin to understand on a cognitive level what has previously been only partly revealed and understood.  There were feelings of BLISS and FREEDOM beyond my wildest dreams associated with this.  I likened the EUPHORIA to the FREEDOM the Afro-AMericans felt when given their freedom from slavery.  Insights:  How does my intuition appear?  In words... from above...often very
directive ...NOT completely making sense... memorable....STRONG emotions associated with it. I hadn't really consciously tuned in to the PRECISE ASPECTS or PARTS to my intuition before.  Oh my goodness.  I just had an aha! - B.B.

Thanks Ariole, I am really appreciating the class so far. I’ve gone through most of the home play exercises.  One thing that I notice with the statements (I have done nothing wrong, there is nothing for me to do penance for) is the space that creates for me to hold others accountable instead of letting guilt creep in for things which I really had no control over or were not my responsibility to do. - M.A.

As well, I am enjoying and appreciating the teleclass – there is something wonderful about building from the foundation up each week & adding new layers on.  With much love to you Ariole - E.K.

Dear Ariole, I am so thank full to be one of your students!  The things I am now conscious of!!!  I am forever changed and yes look forward to all that is yet to come.  Thank you again for your complete devotion in helping me remember who I am.  With love - T.L.


Books and CDs

Thank you for responding.  Just the act of reaching out moved me through the fear at the time. I so appreciate your book Simplexity of Abundance, given to me by a friend who attending your HOPE session in Saskatoon.  Your work is filled with love and light. I look forward to working with you. - C.M.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your incredible insights and perspectives! Love - D.H.

I had trouble sleeping last night and so put on your tapes and listened to your voice and had a very restful sleep.  It amazes me the impact you have been and continue to be. - E.K.

I am thoroughly enjoying the H.O.P.E book. I am ready for more action and am looking forward to your guidance.  I am really excited, ready and want to move forward in this momentum. - T.J.

I was just very drawn to writing to you today to say thank you for your book [Birds' Eye View] and all the Work you've done and are doing. There were several things in there that resonated very strongly for me and many things which I know are Energetically completely connected with the Work I'm doing. Of course. In fact, your Energy / the book's coded Energy has been Working with mine since Sam began to read it, but you probably know THAT already too. There's so much more to say and at the same time, nothing at all, do you know what I mean? Thank you for coming into our lives right now and showing us there are others who are Working with incarnate souls multidimensionally. That is such a huge gift. You are part of a physical bridge for us but not in the way we "expect". However, it's all perfect. I'll end this email with words to a song I was sent this am when I woke up:
"And when the walls begin to fall I can't hold back the joy  That. Love. Will. Conquer. All."
Namaste, Ariole. - A.J.

Thank you so much for the free eBooks ... the information from what I have read so far is excellent! It all clicks with me and gives more insight on things I have been learning myself lately. - J.C.

Daniel [the Reviever] was impressed - he wept - and reread the second half twice. [Birds' Eye View - A Travel Guide to the Universe] I hope to find time to read it as well. - A.

Great book! [When A Man Really Loves A Woman] I read it last evening and tonight I plan on doing the exercises! - P.H.

I was so drawn to Birds' Eye View but knew that I had to buy Awakening Instinct first, at that time. And when you gave me all of your books last week or so ago, I knew I had to read all the others first. I didn't know why. But now I do. I just started reading "Bird's Eye View" last evening, the night of the Waning Moon, the moon of "letting go" and "healing", leading into the 8th 11:11 Activation Gate. I was on my way to a "send off" gathering of some dear friends of mine who are leaving for Panama for a year+ to head a volunteer environmental project there. It was at the Jupiter Lounge, coincidentally, as these days in particular, I feel very much in connection with the Stars and other Planets in the Universe. On the bus ride there, I began reading your book. And I know I mentioned, very vaguely (and I apologize for that, but the depth of what I have been experiencing/re-experiencing since yours and Colin's "offer" is beyond what I feel able to articulate at this Time, especially in "brief" terms....), how much I am being "moved" by your and Colin's books, but.........That is the understatemnt of the Millenium. I feel somehow that I am being guided "Home". That somehow, YOU UNDERSTAND and KNOW WHO I AM, WHERE I AM COMING FROM, WHERE I AM GOING TO. It is creating such a huge release in me right now; a joy, relief....because all my life it feels as if I have been "searching" for an ally to gently guide me "Home", and someone that would understand some of the experiences I have never told anyone, or if I have told anyone, no one seemed to understand, or perhaps they looked at me as though I were "crazy" or "weird", and so I "gave up". I have lost contact with a part of myself, is what's happened. Though all along, "I" have always been here..... I don't know how to articulate this right now. I simply had to get up and come and write this to you. I am not even a third of the way through the book yet, and I know that somehow, this Book is The Key I have been searching for my entire Life. Thank you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. - S.L.

Reading HeartSong is like listening in on a conversation between two people in search of clarity about all human relationships. It’s honest. It flows. And it inspires.” – J.R.

This book (When A Man Really Loves A Woman) resonates deeply. Thank you for writing it!” – J.N

Wow – what a powerful book! (Awakening Instinct - a trilogy) Thank you for sharing your wisdom so generously.– R.C

Now THIS is the kind of book that makes me want to read! (Birds' Eye View) – J.H.

It resonates very true with me. It's so wonderfully put. (Awakening Instinct - a trilogy) - B.L.

I just finished reading Bird's Eye View. I'm still blown away - what an incredible journey! Thank you to you and your guides for being open and sharing. - I.D.

Your book [Birds' Eye View] is brilliant! Especially the last few pages "A new voice speaks". i have re-read it a number of times. The part about
living every moment as if it were a brand new experience, as if i were new to earth, feeling for the first time ... has proven to be very potent for me in
opening to the present. what a blessing ... among other things. - S.G.

Oh my gosh! You are so incredible! You are writing books!!! Wow!!! Look at you and your amazing powers! You honestly are one of the people that touched me the most. I constantly saw that inner strength in you and your enchanting potential. You are very special. Never forget that about yourself. You are one of a kind. I saw that. Thank you. ? - K.S.


General Accolades of Appreciation

ArioleAlei.com is one of the best things I've ever seen. - R.H.

Thankfull for Ariole:  When she looks into your eyes she has an in depth look into your very soul. - D.V.

I am always touched and inspired by your loving guidance. I receive so much from every encounter with you. I really think that your offerings reflect the honesty, intregrity and compassion that you carry. It's quite beautiful to witness and be a part of. It is a true gift. - S.G.

I just want to tell you how much Ariole's teachings have done for me.   I believe that Ariole has a gift to help people work through their concerns to a root level.  She does this without expectation and is very patient.  Her objective approach is a relief to me as I feel very comfortable letting my guard down with her.  I feel Ariole is the real truth. Her knowledge is quite apparent as is her connection to her higher self.  Thank you. - M.K.

Wow. Your offerings are wonderful!!! - J.R.

It's very exciting to see something like you offer. It's wonderful! - J.D.

Hi. I think what you are doing is fantastic. Thanks and best of wishes! - S.T.

Thank you for the consistency and energy you are putting out! - M.O.

I think you are doing a wonderful and important thing. Keep up the teaching and good work. Very Sincerely - G.C.

It was a pleasure to meet you. I really have to commend you for starting ArioleAlei.com. It has the potential to be a valuable catalyst for growth. I look forward to attending your next event. Namaste - F.R.

Love the website. I feel like I was guided by angels…kissed a few frogs in my days, and no prince so far. – I. R.

Way to go! Seems like you are really contributing to the world in a meaningful way. – S.T.

You wonderful innovators are doing a GREAT job! And I have been spreading the word!– L.J.

So proud of you and your accomplishment - so inspiring! - J.R.



How wonderful to hear your healing voice! Thank you so much for doing this. Love and gratitude. - J.R.

I've listened to your Podcasts. You come from the heart. They're very good. Both Ariole and Colin have an exceptional vision. It's just wonderful. Thank you so very much. - B.L.

I used your podcast for Meditation this morning. Ahhh ... - J.R.



I've waited three years to thank you in person! The Workshop ["Dancing Into Ecstasy - Dancing From Within"] changed my life! - J.H.

It was such a pleasure and inspiration to meet you Ariole!  Thank you for the many gifts you imparted through your workshop, and for being such a bright beacon of light!  You truly are an inspiration. - C.B.

Ariole is very knowledgable, energetic, dynamic powerhouse who can give a heart felt workshop for 3 hours straight with only a sheet of paper for notes, and draws out participants into fullness. - D.V.

I loved the workshop [Activate "The Secret"]!!! Thank you so much for your clarity and your enthusiasm. The practical tools were extremely useful. I am seriously considering becoming a Presenter of what you offer! - M.S.

The experience of you and your Workshops is a complete JOY! You convey your profound knowledge and understanding of principles and tools in a clear, articulate, logical progression. You are relaxed and enjoy hickups if they occur. You warmly invite & encourage sharing by participants about their own experiences & insights that help the others relate to the principles & tools. You express appreciation for the relevance of these examples. You remember, throughout the entire workshop, these contributions, and refer to them whenever they are relevant. You provide experiences that anchor the intellectual understanding into our bodies. You demonstrate processes. You convey only love, deep respect and warmth towards all present. You are good huggers. When Ariole and Colin co-facilitate Workshops together, there is a wonderful, natural back-&-forth flow in the presentations; complementing each other. Also, your huge love & admiration for each other is inspiring for others to witness. You convey that you really enjoy what you're doing. You convey palpably that what you are presenting is of enormous value; that it is IN your own lives powerfully. - J.R.

Thanks so much for the workshop on the weekend. You are great at what you do! Your very energtic in presentation, knowledgable, dynamic. - D.V.

I think there is a huge need for more of these workshops. [Upcoming Life Circuits "Tantra - Sacred Sexuality for Singles & Couples" Workshop.] People of all ages can benefit from a deeper understanding of the play between masculine and feminine energies. If I had known more about this at an earlier age, it would have enabled me to deeply enrich every relationship I have ever had. Anyway, learning and deepening our tantric practice is a most valuable endeavor. Much love. - M.B.

The Art of Life "HeartSong - the Foundations" Workshop was wonderful! EVERYTHING about it was 'just right'. You demonstrate amazing grace, genius, sensitivity, knowledge, comprehension, warmth, speaking ability, - communication skill - and so much more - in a continuous, relaxed flow through your Being. - So appreciated! - J.R.

You were very gentle teachers who supported each participant as their unique spiritual experience unfolded. [I gained] an entirely new perspective on life. - N.B.

Great weekend ["The 12 Soul Powers"]. It was the perfect opportunity for me to finally get out of my hole and on the next step of my journey. Thanks - J.T.

You did a great job of leading us through the process, clarifying our queries and creating safety. I found the Workshop valuable for getting in touch with the desires of my soul. For me "The 12 Soul Powers" was a way to set the control panels of my subconscious affecting me in a deep and powerful way. I would like to learn about effective ways to connect and communicate with others through our higher selves and how to build and sustain a community based on this. - I.D.

I have just read the workshop details again, and was so inspired by the great shift in the happiness/healing of the planet that will come from what you two are doing for humanity with the workshops and the teachings.. Hopefully they will give many people the tools to live sharing, happy lives, create happy families, thus sending out well-adjusted children to live the message and heal the planet... What a awesome project, much, much credit to you both!!! The concept would have saved me personally many years of heartache, and helped my son immeasurably. Although with Colin`s help yesterday my son took a huge step forward. Namasté - S.B.

The Workshops keep getting better and better!!! So many excellent insights – all So very valuable! Thank you both!!! - M.T.

There was so much you did well, i don't think i can summarize in a sentence or two. I felt supported and well informed and cracked wide open to new levels of awareness and self love. Thank you! I have been applying the very potent tool of The Four Archetypes, at least two or three times a day, and am feeling the depth of self love emerging as a result. I had some big 'aha' moments in relation to the energy of the 'lover', which I shared in group. With the help of The Four Archetypes I have also begun healing some old patterns of communication/interaction with men. A big one for me! Again, difficult to summarize in a statement or two ... essentially, I feel a space opening for healing of some deep, long running patterns. I feel very blessed! I am interested in attending the sacred sexuality workshop ... applying tantric elements to all of life, within an intimite relationship but first and foremost, with myself. I am thrilled to be connecting with you and learning/remembering more ... I look forward to exploring greater truths together. - S.G.

What a success! Your workshop was so enjoyable! Fast-paced and packed with information. Abstract concepts were brought into real life, so I know how to apply them in my daily life. I got glimpses of where I might be more solidly integrous with who I am and what I might like to have more respect for in our relationship. Colin, I appreciated the visuals - the diagrams. All of it tied together. Your explanations were absolutely clear. And Ariole, I loved your continuous flow of ideas and words that enriched our understanding! There was discussion in the car on the way home las night! And I heard discussion still going on this morning!!!! Yay! - J.R.

Many thanks for a delightfully inspiring Workshop. I look forward to seeing more of you both, more of the lovely HeartSong Members, and of course participating in more illuminating workshops.

Much gratitude for this valuable Workshop! Leaves me wanting more.

Excellent Workshop. I felt very involved. Thank you!

Fabulous Workshop. I enjoyed it immensely. I look forward to the next one.

The facilitators were ‘spot on’ in every phase of the unfolding of the event. I am GRATEFUL.

More of everything, please! I love all the courses and ways to meet like minded people.

Thank again to you both for yesterday evening's workshop - it was great to be a part of it! - T.S.

Thank you very much again for the Book and the fantastic Workshop. I really had settled in on Saturday and I felt so light I thought I might float out of my chair. All the topics covered were excellent. The touch with a partner exercise completely stilled and focused me. The final meditation for me was so deeply emotional I found it hard to keep the tears of ‘Joy’ from showing too much. - G.H.

I had a great weekend, thank you! - R.T.

Just wanted to send you my sincere thanks for an absolutely amazing weekend. The retreat was even more than I hoped it would be. I learned more about myself in a weeekend than I have from reading countless self help books and years of counselling. It was a very special time in a very safe environment which made sharing your innermost feelings and fears easy. I experienced true joy and gratitude and was very present and in the moment, which is very exciting for me. I also liked the free afternoon free time to reflect and do our own things. I loved the fireside chats, workshops, meditation and yoga....and the abundance of good food...a very nurturing and enriching weekend. My most valuable personal gains from the retreat were ... Joy (which radiated from Colin and Ariole and was contagious), gratitude, personal insights about my behavior, getting tools for change and learning how to take action in order to make those changes...that an old dog CAN learn new tricks! I found the 12 soul powers to be very helpful and interesting and learned about balance in one's life. I really liked the combination of Ariole and Colin facilitating - they really complemented each other in their styles. Also, I liked that Ariole seems to have been born with so much joy and as an old soul (with so many insights and a real gift for explaining things) whereas Colin learned a new way of life only 13 years ago which gives hope that you can turn your life around. I loved Edenvale Retreat Centre and the food! I will definitely encourage and recommend like-minded friends to go to the next Retreat or any of the courses which you offer. - J.S.

I enjoyed everything! I'd put "The 12 Soul Powers" Workshop sessions at the top for how they led to deeping of insight, comprehension, understanding, integration - and also how they led right into the fireside discussions. I also very much enjoyed experiencing Ariole's meditative Yoga again. It felt SO GOOD! Colin's series of Tai Chi moves was fun and meaningful and I'm now doing them every morning before Meditation. It was delicious and restful to go directly from Ariole's Meditation sessions to my bed. I will tell everyone about what a lovely experience this was! - J.R.

I am very excited about the Retreat weekend. The thought of it sustained me through report card week. See you soon. - N.B.


Individual Coaching and Healing

The Lightness of Being
My experience of receiving energy healing from Ariole K. Alei

I lay down. She closed her eyes and settled in.
Within seconds I felt my body pulsing with waves of
warm energy. It was like the motion of the water, the
movement of wind. Organic. Guided by a force that
defies logic or extends beyond the need to know. I
felt held and protected in a way that I imagine it to
have been in the womb, the safety and enveloping power
of the mother.

The session was about 45 minutes long, but when I was
gently guided back to the room by Ariole’s soft voice,
I felt I had traveled a great distance, beyond the
limits of time and space. I experienced something
closer to the expanses of infinity, where no linear
gage of the passing of time exists.

It took me a while to gather myself, what I can only
describe as ‘re-entering’, to feel ready make my way
forward into the day. Once I moved through this
initial transition, I felt an overwhelming sense of
joy and gratitude. The lightness of Being.

I set my intention to take it easy for the rest of the
day, to allow the energies of the potent healing
process to integrate and assimilate. It was beautiful
day, one I will use as a model for the future, when I
need to slow down and give myself the gift of simply
existing. A foundation was set that day with Ariole,
a template for living life in peace and gentleness.
It is now a part of my cellular structure, woven into
the fabric of my being. And I am infinitely grateful
to Ariole for guiding me into the ‘remembering’, for
facilitating the birth of a very ancient wisdom

- S.G.

Profound!!!! Love, light and peace my friend. - M.S.

Our Coaching Session today was brilliant. The integration has definitely begun. Whoa! i so value and appreciate your presence in my life. Thank you, thank you! - S.G.

I just wanted to say thank you for today.  I felt really light and fresh when I left you.  I actually needed to sit and ground myself for a second or two.  Have not had to do that for a long time.  I am so looking forward to this weekend and beyond. - M.K.

Ariole, I can’t believe the huge shift that is taking place since I saw you (two hours ago); it feels tremendous – what a relief!  Thanks! - K.K.

Thanks Ariole - I wish to express my appreciation. Your compassionate care and wisdom have served me and will continue to. I want to be free to flourish from a place that is real and undefended. I have no interest in engaging in the ways and means I have compensated for past wounds and perceived weaknesses, anymore. This is a journey that needs to be experienced (not just understood intellectually) - I'm there. I'm ready. Blessings - S.W.

You were so accurate in your insights. Thanks and Love! - J.R.

In only 3 sessions with Veraxis Life Coach Ariole K. Alei, I accomplished more than through two years of therapy years ago. Ariole gets right to the core of the problem and gives you the tools to quickly work through it and get through to the other side. My sessions with her were life changing. - J.S.

Thank-you so much Ariole for your amazing insights today in my Coaching session. - L.J.

I wish to express my appreciation. Your compassionate care and wisdom have served me and will continue to. I want to be free to flourish from a place that is real and undefended. I have no interest in engaging in the ways and means I have compensated for past wounds and perceived weaknesses, anymore. This is a journey that needs to be experienced (not just understood intellectually) - I'm there. I'm ready. Blessings - S.W.

It is really good to connect with you once again. Your wonderful non-judgmental guidance has helped me so much. I have let go of a lot of fear and am able to enjoy the blessings I have been graced with so much more. I feel I am developing the ability to do what I feel is right no matter what the people around me are doing. Coming into my own. Learning who I am, what I like, what I have to offer, what is right for me. Having the courage to act on it. So much is because of your insight and gentle ability to open that knowledge to my eyes. THANK YOU ! ! ! Lots of love and gratitude to you. - L.K.

Our last session was very helpful, as I was not triggered even once [during my trip home]. That seems huge to me. Thank you! - M.O.

I have had some amazing dreams that have helped me to understand my spiritual growth thanks to your teachings. I am practicing as much as I can and the most important I do is the spiritual desires that I have about it when I meditate, pray or just a simple thought that comes to me are all very important. My experience is that the blessings are just given as long I want to see and accept them with Love and Gratitude. Please send me the information about the workshop in November. I will be in touch with you as I want to share some of my experiences and learnings and also to ask questions I have that you may be helpful with. I know that your blessings are wonderful and I send you my peace and Love - B.H.

Just to update you on my progress [since our Coaching session] … I have continued to set aside 5 minutes every morning to ground myself and what a difference it makes. I have also done it a few nights before I have gone to bed and find that my mind is quieter then when I don't do it. It's amazing. Thanks for the hike info. It sounds absolutely wonderful. Thanks again. – T.L.

I am feeling the benefits. I feel happier; mental clarity; have more energy, am doing housework and Spring-Cleaning (lst time in 10 years), have organized 2 social gatherings; feel healthier mucosa in the body, and feel more optimistic. Let's keep up the good work! - A.S.

Thanks very much for your suggestions and wisdom during our [Coaching] session. I think it did help a lot. It helped to get it all out in the open and think it will help move things along in a more healthy direction. You are always so insightful and I am so happy to have your energy in my life - it means a lot to me. Looking very forward to the Fall meditation series! Warm regards - J.S.

I cannot describe to you how much better I feel! Yeah!! And yes, I have been practicing, practicing, practicing! Thank you so much. I can breathe!! Kindest regards - T.L.

I felt so natural to sit with Ariole in my Healing session. Emotion, humour, you name it. I felt like I was floating when I came out. Hadn’t felt any emotion for 5 years – none whatsoever. Now it’s flowing through me. If you don’t grow you don’t live. Slainte (‘good health’ in Gaelic). – C.S.

I highly recommend highly working with Ariole K. Alei. Her encouragement of my growth on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes has been extremely generous and effective. Please, give these highly evolved methods towards self-realization a try! - S.B.

I thought I would give you an update since my Healing Session with you a couple of weeks ago. I spent the next 5 days in bed. Through it all, I kept taking the drops and I can honestly say that today is my best day yet. I still have a bit of a cough but my head is clear and I feel great!! I can't wait until I am a 100% as I feel so good already! I am approximately 1/3 of the way through each of the bottles and can't imagine how good I will feel once I have completed them!! Hooray!! I feel my old self starting to shine through and it feels great. Thank you so much!! - T.L.

Thank you so much for the Coaching session on Saturday - it was very helpful indeed. [My son] and I are still talking about it! He really likes you and is looking forward to his Healing session. Thanks and best regards - J.A.

Just wanted to email you quickly and let you know that [my wife's] treatments are really helping. Thank you! Although her symptoms come and go in waves, with some days still being quite rough, she is generally feeling stronger and more energetic. Before you'd prescribed the homeopathic remedy, doctors had scheduled her to meet with a specialist to get a proper diagnosis and discuss possible treatments (like a spinal tap). Patsy went to see the specialist last week and, interestingly, after conducting a number of tests, the specialist said that she was doing much better than her previous medical records indicated. And so he concluded that there was no reason to prescribe any treatments. But he was quite perplexed, because people with this syndrome are not supposed to get better on their own. So thanks very much. A few drops a day is much easier, and more effective, than a spinal tap! - B.B.

I meant to email you after our last session and thank you, and also to tell you about a rather lovely experience I had on the bus ride home immediately after I left you. There was this beautiful Native Elder on the bus who it just seemed we were magnetically drawn to each other. Anyway, me being shy in these kinds of situations, I was simply appreciating his Light and the Love he exuded, but he began talking with me, had me come and sit next to him, and proceeded to speak of the Power of Love and that he loves each person the same as he loves each and every tree and blade of grass. He began reciting the absolutely beautiful poetry he has written, complete with the dance of his arms and fingers and hands...it was stunning and very moving. And most of all, he made sure to remind me not to take life so seriously!!! and to ENJOY it. He told me I should be proud of being Noah's Mother, because when he asked me "what I do", and if I was in school (as he thought I was only about 19!!!), I said something like "Oh, right now I'm just a stay-at-home-mother". I realize seeing that statement written down exactly what he meant. And I did understand it at the time too. Anyway, it was a very interesting experience, since we had just been talking all about Love and Trust and openness, and how part of my homework had been to see beauty in everything and everyone.......and that's exactly what his gift to me was as well. So, I wanted to thank you for helping me create that profound experience, as it's one that will stay with me for a very long time. - S.L.



I feel so peaceful. – D.C.

It's like having a pentium upgrade – in me! – K.H.

I so needed last night's class ... you are wonderful. – L.J.

I just love the Yoga classes and your method of teaching and meditating voice is very therapeutic for me. Thank you! - M.B.

Thank you very much for the Yoga classes. I appreciate all you do for me. With your guidance I can put myself in very special places. I still do my Meditation and your Yoga teaching is just completing the circle for me. I practice being grateful every day ... Thank you. - C.A.

Thanks for last night. it was a very therapeutic meditation class for me and I am feeling so much better today largely because of it. I feel so much better and grateful for everything I have today. I am ready to move forward now and greatly appreciate you and all of your pearls of wisdom. - J.S.

I just wanted to thank you very much for so generously sharing all of your insights with us and for helping to make my life more peaceful and serene through your classes and guidance. They have become an integral part of my life and I cherish our weekly meetings. You seem wise beyond your years (or anyone’s for that matter) and I can only hope to let some of that influence me and become part of my being. I really appreciate your continued positive energy and look very forward to [the next Meditation classes]. Love - J.S.

A good session. There is already an acceleration in the release of tension [in me] that was being held in assorted areas. Believing one understands how Meditation "works" does not mean one has discovered how Yoga "works". However, it does and it's good to be back on the path... – I.M.

Ariole is a highly gifted and graceful teacher. Her use of metaphors is unique – I've never met anyone who teaches like Ariole! – B.E.

Thank you so much for your patience. You are amazing. A treasure that far too few people are aware of. – J.R.

There are so many, many things that you have taught me that will 'stick' with me for the rest of my life. You have been a wonderful teacher and for that, I am forever grateful. I will miss you terribly. - S.L.



Interesting reading and a great way to start my morning! Thanks, and best wishes for a happy day! - I.M.

Thanks for all the great information. Personal growth is so important for living healthy. – C.K.

Thank you so much for sending the whale story. I was deeply touched. Have a good day!!!! - S.B.

I really enjoyed reading through the first issue of your eNewsletter - thanks for all the effort you put into this! - T.S.

I loved this Newsletter! Very well done. – R.K.

I've really enjoyed your newsletter and e-mail update and particularly the recommended reading. To love and life - I agree!!! - P.S.














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