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       Visions Chronology

Ariole K. Alei has been receiving profound Insights via Visions since she was a child.

Through gradual familiarization with this process of Insight and Intuition, she has become an agile receiver of information and potentialities 'outside the box'.

Ariole has met personally with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other world leaders to discuss "A New Model of Exemplary Global Leadership".

This simple Chronology maps some of the primary Visions she has been shown.


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  • First Vision

          When she was ten years old, Ariole had a Vision which showed her that later in life she would spend time alone in nature writing a book.  This Vision was coupled with a Message that she would "live off the land" - meaning be self-sufficient, and "be alone - or alone enough to write".  Explicit in its detail, this Vision repeated itself twice in ensuing years - 'no information was lost, nothing gained'.  Ariole knew that - if this Vision was to become manifest - there was nothing she needed to 'do'.  Evidently highly intelligent in its Source, it would orchestrate itself.  She was simply to be available to participate.


  • Seclusion

          This First Vision came to fruition in 1990/91.  It swiftly became evident that the three 'visitations' of this Vision since age ten were simply to prepare her, such that she would be fearless when the Timing was aligned and she was Called for it to begin.

          The manuscript which she was shown in the original Vision was penned during Seclusion.  It was subsequently re-written six times, ultimately becoming the book “Birds’ Eye View – A Travel Guide to the Universe”.  "Birds' Eye View" documents, to a minor degree, her experience in Seclusion.  This Story is largely still untold.

           In Seclusion, Ariole was unplugged from human culture and re-wired to receive stratas of consciousness well beyond typical human receptivity.  This wiring allowed for seven and a half months of downloads of 'memory' via vast overviews of primary questions and their far-reaching terrain - 'Who are we?  Where do we come from?  Why are we here?'

          During Seclusion Ariole was introduced to four stratas of Guides - of 'God energy'.  These became her primary Teachers and Mentors.  A period of Initiation, Seclusion was like a Vision Quest during which she was disconnected from 'AM radio' (general human consciousness) and re-wired to 'short wave radio' (dimensions much farther 'out').

          In Seclusion her world view - formed naturally throughout her life - was dismantled and instantly re-built numerous times, as her nervous system gained greater capacity and her ego-mind was expanded in its orienting ability.  The result was a Vision so luminous, so all-inclusive, so positively radiant - of the trajectory of mass consciousness awakening that humanity is on - that she had no-one to share this with in its entirity as she began to transition from Seclusion to re-enter society.  The brilliance and enormity of this Vision was of a scope only imagined in the minds of humanity as 'armageddon' - the antithesis, in fact, of what she was shown and what this Is. 

          And so she remained silent, being carefully guided who to speak with as she transitioned, and what elements of this Vision were clear to share.  To this day much of it has not been shared.  The Timing now is soon.

          Each time her world view was dismantled and immediately constructed anew - based upon a foundation of a singular new reality that affected everything - like a mobile gently touched by a wind and entirely shifting - her comprehension of this new, magnificently expanded world view was aided by understanding simple meta-phors of 'physics'.  These are represented as 'energy drawings' in the book "Birds' Eye View".

          After seven and a half months and virtually no contact with people, Ariole was gradually guided to re-enter society.  The task that now lay before her was to make sense of her new place in the world - and to allow 'translation' to happen through her, whereby the energy which she had been opened to in Seclusion could begin to transmit through her into the frequencies of receptivity of her fellow humans.



  • 'Global Gathering of Minds'

          As Ariole was transitioned out of Seclusion to begin "sewing a seam between darkness and Light", allowing the Light which she was being wired to re-memeber and re-perceive to flow through her into the Earthly realm, she was gifted with what would become a key intermediary step to the Vision which was to follow ('Second Installment of the Vision').

          This intermediary step arrived in her consciousness, as all Visions do, in 'innocence' - her mind doesn't connect the dots between them until these connections are actively made visible to her.

       And so as the 'Global Gathering of Minds' was revealed to her, it was, to a degree, a 'stand-alone' Vision.  Research actively began to bring this Vision to physical fruition.  Within six months she was Called to participate in the UN Earth Summit's Global Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - and this Vision quietly disappeared into the explicate (invisible, gestation) order again.

         The nature of a 'Global Gathering of Minds' is to bring together a key chemistry of seers / visioneers, holding a precise opportunity through environment, process, and Time that their geniuses may spark and generate new Insights and Intuitive Innovative consciousness.  The design of a 'Global Gathering of Minds' includes ready access to the 'public' to witness and be likewise sparked by this experience, thus resulting in a rapid jumpstarting of human ingenious consciousness to elevated levels of vantage, inclusivity, compassion, and inter-connection - thus contributing to quantumly evolving humanity to a new dimension of leadership and activity.



  • The 'H.O.P.E.' Tour

          The 'H.O.P.E.' Tour Vision landed in 1993 and was set to be manifest in summer 1994.  This 'Tour' was a direct outflow of the expansion of consciousness generating planetarily at the time of the Earth Summit.  The 'H.O.P.E.' Tour 'seed' was initially a west-east walk across Canada supported by demonstrative technologies evoking soft and direct education of sustainability and its affects on society and its consciousness.  This Tour 'seed' grew to include a team of five cyclists who would traverse south-north the US / Canada coast, offering 'Playshops' as interactive and participatory engagement which would accelerate exploration and discovery of new models of thinking of self, community and the world.

         This Vision was clearly another 'connector' as it opened into the following and thus quietly evaporated to make way for its next step.



  • 'Second Installment of the Vision'

          Four years following Seclusion - in early 1994 - Ariole was Called into a trance state for a period of four days, during which she was downloaded the 'Second Installment of the Vision' she was shown in Seclusion.

         This 'Second Installment' includes articulate details of how - when the energy fields are set planetarily (on Earth and beyond) and cosmically - including human readiness, animal, plant, mineral and other readiness, cosmic readiness - a precise and sublime series of evolving 'steps' will take place.

         In a sense, the triumphant yet still reverse of creation will take place, imploding what originally exploded, unifying consciousness and form into a Unity once experienced as Reality and long forgotten.

         The simple and intricate detail of this 'Second Installment' is all that Ariole had as comprehension of mass ascension - the mass awakening of human consciousness - for many years.  What she wasn't shown, and knew that others would be, was 'how we get to that'.  What would be the steps that would simply pave the route to the final triumphant reunion stages that she was shown?



  • 'Conclave of the Great Central Sun'

           In 1994, shortly prior to receiving the 'Second Installment of the Vision', Ariole was Called to participate in the 'Conclave of Michael' in the Rocky Mountains of Canada.  For the first time, key connections were made which would begin to activate both the Vision she was shown in Seclusion and its 'Second Installment'.

          Within weeks of participating in the 'Conclave of Michael', Ariole was asked by a co-participant to begin to lead a series of international conference calls in which she shared the ever-expanding Visions she was receiving of global healing, peace and sustainability - effectively 'by-products' of the mass awakening of human, planetary, and cosmic consciousness which was beginning to show evidence in human civilization.

         These inernational tele conferences quickly escalated, leading Ariole to London, England to convene the first 'rehearsal' for the first gathering of cosmically-coded souls which will mark the commencement of activation of the 'Second Installment of the Vision'.

         This rehearsal Conclave led Ariole and colleagues to meet personally with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other world leaders to discuss the expanding nature of the Visions she was being shown.



  • 'A New Model of Exemplary Global Leadership'

          By the time Ariole was shown that she was to meet personally with His Holiness the Dalai Lama - in January 1995 - the Visions she had been shown in Seclusion and since (the 'Second Installment') had sufficiently integrated in her and beyond that she was able to articulate the seed point of their essence in a comprehensible, worldly identifiable way.

          Titled 'A New Model of Exemplary Global Leadership', this Vision articulates simply - through meta-phors rooted in physics - how a key cohesion of leaders from various disciplines can collectively rise to higher states of consciousness in which a collective, unifying Vision can be born. 

          As this collective Vision is successfully born, it will serve to unify all strands of human endeavor to ameliorate strife and struggle, bringing an end to duality and entering humanity in a long-awaited re-birth into unity consciousness and its all-inclusive ripples.

         This Vision, too, was lucidly received, communicated to a few key people, then quietly dissapeared into gestation - the 'implicate order' which David Bohm recognized as an ever-present existence in the Uni-verse.



  • AT Group

          Within months of meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other global visionaries, Ariole was again led out of this semi-cloister and into a closer contact with human society.  A series of Intuition-based classes, workshops, and retreats rapidly evolved - in London, England and in rural settings in Wales.

          Out of these as a solid foundation, Ariole was shown that she was to enter trance again, this time in the presence of a small group of people.  During the course of a weekend she would allow a live download of Visions through her, essentially sharing for the first time with a group of people the essence of what she had been shown to date.

          Again, this Vision was delivered and received via innocence, as this sole weekend evolved potently and powerfully into a two year process during which the participants were carried into altered states of consciousness, successfully mapping a route to Collective Consciousness via birthing a collective and simultaneous access to Visions.

          Early in the evolution of their collective journey, these participants self-named themselves 'The AT Group' signifying 'Ascension Teachings'.

          After two years and phenomenal evolutions in their consciousness, this group of inter-connected individuals were complete the essence of their intended Mission and appeared to disband.



  • 'Waking With the World'

           In 1999 the seed of a global impact project was born.  The 'Map' of 'Waking With the World' was a rite of passage.  To be televised internationally, 'The Concert' would demonstrate interactive models of sustainable energy Technology - including human powered, plus generated from previously perceived sources of 'waste'.  The Site would draw participants into a new wave of community.  The Programming would evolve consciousness through a new 'doorway'.

           A second element of 'Waking With the World' was conceived - a rare opening into sacred and indigenous cultures around the world, sharing prophecy, sacred tradition, and wisdom.

           'Waking With the World' drew interest from visionary coordinators, innovators, funders, and broadcasters, yet again was evidently a 'seed' rooting other future initiatives.



  • The 'H.O.P.E.' Retreats

           In autumn 2007 Ariole was invited to lead a Meditation Retreat at a centre outside of Saskatoon, Canada.  This rapidly evolved to an Intuition Retreat weekend in spring 2008, at which Ariole received the 'Map' for the first 'H.O.P.E.' Retreat residential weekend, which was based loosely on her books H.O.P.E. = Healing Ourselves and Planet Earth - A Blueprint for Personal and Collective Healing and Birds' Eye View - A Travel Guide to the Universe.

           Again the energy inflow swept Ariole and a growing Core Team, as six Retreats plus a small gathering in a sacred cave near Sedona, Arizona evolved in the course of six months. 

           Each Retreat quanumly evolved from where the previous completed - like smoke spiralling vertically up from a fire, despite surrounding wind.

          The 'H.O.P.E.' Retreats lifted participants including Core Team into realms of consciousness and direct experience unfathomed prior to direct contact. 

          The focus of these Retreats was, at its core, effective routes to rapid Healing and thus integration of body / mind / heart / spirit.  This foundation clearly allowed elevation to higher states of consciousness.

           In December 2008 the final 'H.O.P.E.' Retreat took place, and again the central energy connecting all of these Visions and occasional activations - like a volcano - appeared to become dormant.



  • 'The Power of Anger' - Global Project

         Globally we witness an epidemic of violence - anger turned inwards, and anger turned outwards.  Rare is the individual, community, government, or organization that understands anger, respects it, and recognizes how to engage it in constructive ways.

          The Power of Anger - Blasting Through Your Limitations and Transforming The World is a tiny book.  Simple and clear, it assists every reader to do just this.

          As the author of The Power of Anger, I envisage its basic teachings being incorporated into schools - age kindergarten through college, in universities, professional therapy training, in governments and UN level diplomacy.  I envisage this tiny book being 're-written' specifically for different age audiences, translated into hundreds of languages, and provided philanthropically to those who may benefit from it.

           I envisage prototype trainings created - then disseminated freely around the globe.

           If this interests you, please contact me.




  • 'Conclaves'

           The 'Conclaves', in their ultimate ascription of the word, mark the commencement of the activation of the Map of mass awakening outlined in the 'Second Installment of the Vision'.

           These are essentially re-unions of clusters of souls now incarnate who, together, re-member essential routing of the course of mass awakening.

           The re-convening of the Conclaves is essentially the re-creation of 'the Dove'.    







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