"Much gratitude for this valuable Workshop.  Leaves me wanting more."  - K.D.

"Fabulous Workshop.  I enjoyed it immensely."  - J.R.

"So many excellent insights - each worth so much."  - L.D.

"Great weekend.  It was the perfect opportunity for me to finally get out of my head and on to the next step of my journey.  Thanks a million."  - P.C.

"Incredible.  I'm glowing!"  - L.A.

"You are a gentle teacher supporting each participant as their unique spiritual experience unfolds.  A rare gift."  - P.T.



Make Your Relationship Your
Safety Vessel For Navigating
The Winds Of Change

Workshop #1

• Discover your hidden strengths & weaknesses
• Regain and maintain sovereignty over your life

Workshop #2

• Create an empowering vision for your marriage
• Master the art of effective communication

Workshop #3

• Connect to your four Archetypes
• Navigate the 17 levels of Emotional Intelligenc

Workshop #4

• Expand on workshops 1-3 (pre-requisites)
• Explore advanced tools for the ‘Inner Marriage’


When:  Next Dates TBA

Facilitated by: Husband and wife, co-authors and co-facilitators, coaches, energy therapists, and co-founders, Veraxis Coaching and Training.



Relationship Tip#1

Success gurus like Napoleon Hill (“Think & Grow Rich”) teach that the emotions of love and sex can ‘make or break’ a successful life, and that a harmonious marriage is the foundation for success!

Relationship Tip#2

The human body replaces between 300-500 billion cells every day, according to bestselling author Stephen Cherniske (“The Metabolic Plan”). You can give yourself and your spouse the pleasure of staying younger longer (and even reversing the affects of aging!) through right diet, supplementation and daily exercise. Splendid!

Relationship Tip#3

Your energy field (aura) can be congested with ‘emotional parasites’ that suck your vital life force energy, leaving you tired, irritated, and feeling unattractive. Cleaning up your energy field with energy medicine such as ReBa Homeopathy dissolves the energetic root cause of hurt, lack of self-confidence, worry, addiction, anger, and many other saboteurs in your marriage and life.

Spaces are limited.  Register today!

Confidential and Direct


  • Emotions: "The Power Of Anger"
  • Spirituality: "The Power Of Intuition"
  • And more

Can't wait for a 'live' Workshop date?  Listen to Workshops / Tele Classes in our Audio Library!  What's even better?  You can listen over and over again!




  • Do You Feel Agitated, Overwhelmed or Confused?
  • Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?
  • Do You ‘Snap’ At Your Loved Ones?
  • Does Your Brain Run In Endless Circles?
  • Do You Long For Deeper Meaning In Life?

Activate your intuition. Be ‘in the flow’. Live in the ‘Now’.

In each class we practice a variety of meditation techniques derived from various traditions – a sampling which enables both new and experienced meditators to discover and fine-tune what works best for them. We also explore the subjects of consciousness, awakening and self-healing.

When:  Next Dates TBA

“I feel so peaceful and clear.” - Donna C “It’s like a pentium upgrade!” - Colin H

♥ Ariole K. Alei has been recognized for over 20 years as a respected metaphysical teacher and global visionary. She has been Meditating virtually all of her life. She has practiced Yoga daily for 34 years. Teaching both pragmatic and profound 'routes' to deeper insight, peace and awakening through the body, heart and mind to the spirit, she has taught in England, India and Canada. Ariole has met personally with His Holiness the Dalai Lama to discuss her visions of a “New Model of Exemplary Global Leadership”.




"Intuition - Waking A Precious

'Sleeping Giant' Within You"

Have you ever made a decision you regretted? Do you second-guess yourself? Why waste vital energy ‘spinning your wheels’ when you can Know what is right for you in less than a second?

Discover why Oprah, Einstein and Gandhi are such powerful and confident influences in our world. Meet your own Guides, experience a Vantage of your own life, enter into Grace – a blissful state of flow. In this 3 hour Workshop you will find your very own inner compass – for life.

Based on Ariole’s acclaimed Book and Tele Class Series Awakening Instinct – The True Feminine Principle.

When: Next Dates TBA



"The Power Of Anger - Your 'Rocket Fuel' For Life"

Do you ‘never get angry’? Do you cower in the presence of other people’s rage? Do you feel like there’s a pressure bomb inside of you, waiting to explode? Are you depressed or disempowered? Do you let dreams and opportunities pass you by?

Do ANY of these questions stir inside of YOU?

Learn how to stand in your power – and love it! Discover the purpose of anger and how to befriend it, never again repressing or avoiding it.

Based on Ariole’s Book and Tele Class Series The Power Of Anger – Blasting Through Your Limitations and Transforming The World.

When: Next Dates TBA



"Abundance In Action" - Law of Attraction Mastery

Discover how to attune your inner vibration with your higher vibration. Fast-track yourself to Clarity, Power and Results as you gain a clear understanding of how everything you desire comes to you from the infinite vastness of the 'Non-Physical'.

When: Next Dates TBA

Facilitated By: Ariole K. Alei is an international Tele Class and Retreat Leader, Coach, Healer, Global Visionary and Author of 8 Books. She has met personally with HH the Dalai Lama to discuss her Visions of “A New Model of Exemplary Global Leadership”.




"The Power Of Intuition"

Have You Ever Made
A Decision You Regretted?

Discover The #1 Most Important Secret
... 'What Richard Branson, Wayne Gretzky and Oprah Winfrey Know'

What Nobody Ever Told You In The Famous
‘How To Live A Human Life’
Training Manual

Growing up in a ‘head heavy’ culture bears a high price. We learn to value the intellect over the wisdom of the body, heart and spirit – the very wisdom that keeps us in tune with our well-being and thus our ultimate happiness. Putting our intellect on a pedestal, we innocently cut ourselves off from the most valuable resource we have – our inner guidance. Our intuition and instinct are too important to ignore. They are our ‘inner compass’ – like a beacon of light along a path, they show us simply and clearly what is the right thing to do.

Ever Calculate What YOUR Fear Costs You?

Many people are afraid of what they cannot see, hear, feel, taste and smell. They label everything else ‘the unknown’ and turn away from it in terror. Is this you? How many sleepless nights do YOU lie awake trying to ‘figure things out’ in your brain? What is emotional stress, uncertainty and poor life choices costing YOU in health? How much time and money have you wasted making the ‘wrong choices’? Would you be open to effective help?

The Magic Of Intuition

As humans we learn to orient ourselves in the world predominantly through our 5 outer senses. Yet … our inner guidance communicates on a much more subtle frequency – like a short wave radio station rather than your local AM band. To listen to your intuition, you need to be still … and free of fear.

Save Yourself Years Of Confusion,
Hours Of Worry And A Life Half Lived

How? - Meet Your #1 Best Friend – The SAME BEST FRIEND That Led Tiger Woods To Phenomenal Success. What would it be worth to YOU to be personally introduced to your ‘best friend’? Think about that for a moment. Your best friend – your intuition – is the only friend who can guide you to live your full potential – a life of consistent happiness, ease, flow and JOY.

Do You Stay Stuck, Exhausted And Confused …
Or Meet YOUR ‘Best Friend’ NOW?
It’s Your Choice …

Say goodbye to misery, missed opportunities and doubt – Say Hello To Intuition. Learn active tools and apply them right away to LIVE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS! Learn first-hand from a Master Intuition Teacher. ACT NOW. Limited Spaces Remaining!

“Absolutely remarkable. I can barely recognize myself!” – S.W.
“I feel powerful and confident in a way I never have before.” – T.G.
“A ‘miracle’! Now my focus is clear and I feel full of excitement.

What an amazing inner peace I now feel. Thank you so much.” – J.N.

When: Next Dates TBA

Facilitated By: Ariole K. Alei is an international Tele Class and Retreat Leader, Coach, Healer, Global Visionary and Author of 8 Books. She has met personally with HH the Dalai Lama to discuss her Visions of “A New Model of Exemplary Global Leadership”.






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