Why Suffer?

One of the key Premises we explore at the beginning of The "H.O.P.E." Retreats is ...

'When did you sign a contract to suffer?'

Think about it ...

When did you?

Most people assume that suffering is a required aspect of the human experience.  Is it?

Learn how to shift out of this paradigm and into the new!


Let Us "Take YOU To The Top Of Life!"





Powerful, Gentle, Effective Healing

With Ariole K. Alei and / or Colin Hillstrom

The primary Healing modality we use with Clients is 'ReBa'.  Also see below for 'Shamanic Energy Healing'.

What Is ReBa?

Recover your authentic personality and reach your true potential as you effortlessly dissolve your inner conflicts with Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) including homeopathics.  Developed by Dr. Reimar Banis, MD, ND from Germany, PSE addresses the key conflicts that are trapped in the subtle energy field (aura) and that trigger unwanted unconscious emotions, such as "I am inferior to others" or "Nothing is ever good enough".

For optimum results, five to ten ReBa Sessions may be required during a period of up to 18 months.  Experience these benefits ...

  • Boost your vitality and stamina
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Relieve pain and common complaints: cold and tension headaches
  • Sharpen your memory and mind
  • Improve sexual function
  • Transcend addictions
  • Improve learning
  • Enhance sleep
  • Maintain overall health and happiness

For complementary support we recommend Coaching Sessions.

Note:  ReBa Healing Sessions can take place just as effectively 'remote' - without physically traveling to our office - saving you time and saving the environment ...   Ask us how!

Purchase your ReBa Healing Session NOW!

60 Minutes Coaching / Healing Session - $99


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - 3 Sessions - $250*

ReBa Remedies Remote Test - First Test - $80


ReBa Remedies Remote Test - Subsequent Tests - $60


ReBa Remedies 1/2 Hour Telephone Consultation - First Consultation - $60


ReBa Remedies 1/2 Hour Telephone Consultation - Subsequent Consultations - $40


While working with the AT Group in London, England, in 1995 I began spontaneously offering 'Shamanic Energy Healing' Sessions.  Apprenticed by the process itself, it was a magical experience of remembering something I have known how to do for a very long time.

More recently 'Psychic Surgery' became an element of these Sessions.

In Shamanic Energy Healing (in person or equally effective via telephone), I 'sit' next to the Client, who is resting on a cushioned surface on the floor.  This allows both me and the Client greatest relaxation.

I then guide the Client into deep rest.

In a state of light trance, I am shown how to 'assist' in moving energy into flow states in many dimensions in the Client's system.  It is akin to being a master's assistant. 

Completely energetic, engaging the power of 'my mind', I never psychically touch the Client's body.

Occasionally I speak with the Client following the Session, sharing insight as to what has shifted and transpired.  It is always a wondrous learning experience for the Client and I.

Clients have described these Sessions as a 'quantum upgrade', and consistently experience deep refreshment and ease from a myriad of symptoms, stresses, and distresses.

If you sense that Shamanic Energy Healing and/or Psychic Surgery might be of benefit to you, please contact me confidentially.



For descriptions of our Coaching and Healing modalities, visit here and here.

To contact us, email in confidence.

It is our great pleasure assisting you in liberating your shell of suffering and experiencing your Joy and Light!


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