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“Lifting the Lid III”

Next Tuesday, January 18, 2011 I fly to “Lifting the Lid III”.  Three colleagues and I will ‘enter in’, while nineteen + others consciously, actively support us from ‘outside’.             “Lifting the Lid” is the current phase of the ‘global consciousness awakening project’ I’ve been called to initiate and follow my cues to align consciously[1] for the past twenty years.              It is an ‘experiment’ – an experiment in “what does it Continue Reading

Lifting the Lid – (Part III)

As with the symbiotic nature of all things in creation, we are not alone.  Those of us gathering in "Lifting the Lid" will ‘succeed’ as humanity and the cosmos succeed in aligning this sacred doorway – this sacred opportunity.              As this great ‘code’ is decoded, humanity will fly free.             ...  See (Part I and II) for what precedes this Post  :-)             The physical worldly implications of this include a quickening Continue Reading

Lifting the Lid – (Part II)

As we approach our physical gathering, what we are being Called to surrender to and participate in is becoming clearer. ...  See (Part I) for what precedes this Post  :-)            The Ancestors have been making their presence Known to us since early June 2008.  Now they wish to be invited in to the centre point – the Zero Point – to anchor the next wave of these proceedings.             As they do, a vertical channel comes into Continue Reading

Lifting the Lid – (Part I)

Humanity is currently hovering in the realm of reason.  (See David Hawkins’ Power vs. Force.)             What does this mean?   The ‘ceiling’ of our consciousness is mental.  Our highest collective evolutionary capacity is our ability to ‘understand’.             Until we merge with the heart – until our mind opens to receive the precious and vital wisdom accessed only through the feeling / intuiting nature – we are guiding our selves Continue Reading

“Lifting the Lid” – October 2010

  "Lifting the Lid" - Are You Being Called? Take a deep breath ... close your eyes ... relax your body ...  As you gently open your eyes ... and begin to read this ...  What do you notice? ...  Inside ... as you begin to re-cognize these words?            Human consciousness is currently hovering in the realm of reason.  (See David Hawkins’ ‘Map of Consciousness’ in “Power vs. Force”.)            Do you long to hear and see the Divine?  Do Continue Reading

Lifting the Lid – Opening the Cage

            I’ve been attuned to ascension (see Birds’ Eye View – A Travel Guide to the Universe) for twenty years, having never consciously heard or contemplated this word before.             Ascension, simply put, is the human (it encompasses far more than humans – though let’s keep this simple) quantum evolution beyond our historic experience of Space and Time.  It is a ‘spiraling up’.  It is a ‘gear shift’, the degree of which has not been Continue Reading

‘The Ego and The Soul’ – Audio Book ‘Om Transmission’

REMINDING YOUR EGO HOW TO BE LOVE _________ Ego is essentially a function of our 'minds'.  And so it 'thinks' incredibly well, is a master of logic, and orients us impeccably (at best) in territories of our experience that are familiar and well-worn. And yet . . . how can ego 'keep up' in the presence of rapidly accelerating, unpredictable global change? The Ego and The Soul - Living and Leading From The Inside Out - A Map for Continue Reading

Ariole’s Story

"the author thinks i am its feather" You and I are cut of the same cloth, born of the same eternal life.  The ‘details’ of our stories may appear to be different – yet at our core, we are all heading Home. I was born on the west coast of Canada on November 26, 1961. When I was six months, we moved to the prairies, where my father entered his residency in psychiatry. As his professional awareness developed, he and my mother became instrumental Continue Reading

Global Warming or Pollution? – Part 1

My husband, Colin Hillstrom, has a very good point:              As long as we are preoccupied with the ‘argument’ of whether global warming is human caused or part of an epic and ongoing cycle natural to nature … we miss the point.  We miss the point that very real and massively consequential shifts are taking place as we breathe.  Shifts that, if we do not heed their warning signals, could result in our species’ entire extinction – a Continue Reading


Have you ever tried to get a Jack-in-the-Box in the box?             A Jack-in-the-Box is a cloth puppet sitting atop a tightly coiled spring.  When the lid of the box is lifted, 'Jack' springs out, joyous and full of life.             Getting Jack back into the box requires much strength and determination to push downward against his naturally-freedom-oriented coils.  When you do finally get the coils sufficiently suppressed to force the Continue Reading